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if you catch me listening to pinback WATCH OUT!!!

update log

08.12.22 a few things! memes.html is up, visit to get a random meme from my collection :-) changed the navbar so that it loads from a single file (nav.html). added a music widget to index2.html that shows what i'm listening to in real time (big thanks to marzka!) plus some misc changes here and there.

past updates

08.10.22 chapstick.html uploaded but not linked, since it's just a gimmick page

08.09.22 journal.html up, new links added to links.html, collections.html updated

08.07.22 added collections.html for fun things like quiz results, stamps, etc :-) updated links.html

08.05.22 been a while! added a little worm to the h1 header. /shrines/tsuki.html has been uploaded, but not linked, since its still a work in progress

03.23.22 made a guest book + various tweaks

03.22.22 site is officially launched. it's about time! i've been sitting on this thing for way too long. i first made my neocities in 2020 and forgot about it until two years later (now). whatever, we're here now! hello!